Holoroom FAQs

What is the Holoroom?

The Holoroom is a digital power tool that takes the guesswork out of home projects by giving customers the opportunity to design and experience the future of their home through Virtual Reality.

How does the Holoroom work?

Using the Lowe's Holoroom app, customers will be able to design a kitchen or bathroom. Upon completion, the designs will be turned into YouTube360 videos for customers to enjoy and share whenever and wherever they choose.

In select stores, virtual reality technologies including Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard will allow customers to be fully immersed in their personal design.

Where can I experience the Holoroom?

The Holoroom will launch in select stores starting November 2015 and will expand to other markets in early 2016. To see a current list of participating stores, please visit Lowes.com/Holoroom. Coming soon, you will be able to download the Lowe's Holoroom iPad app from the App Store to design and experience the future of your kitchen and bathroom from the comforts of your own home.

Does the Lowe's Holoroom app save my room designs and product choices?

Yes, simply create a Customer Profile to save your design. Additionally, a list of products you selected for your room will be saved to your profile.

Are all of these products featured in the Lowe's Holoroom app available at my Lowe's?

Yes, all products are available either in-stock or by Special Order.

How do I access my Lowe's Holoroom Customer Profile?

Access your Customer Profile by visiting Lowes.com/Holoroom. Your Customer profile includes saved room designs, links to YouTube360 videos of your designs, as well as a list of selected products. You can also share your design with friends and family through your Customer Profile.

I received a Google Cardboard VR viewer at one of the participating Holoroom stores. How do I use it?

To use Google Cardboard to view your Holoroom design, follow the steps below. Currently, Holoroom YouTube360 videos for Google Cardboard are only supported on Android devices. Stay tuned for iOS compatibility in the coming months. In the meantime, if you don't have an Android phone you can still enjoy your YouTube360 video on your personal computer, tablet or phone (read further).

  1. Assemble your Google Cardboard
  2. Downloaded the most recent version of the YouTube app. Not sure if you have the latest? Go to Google Play Store app from your mobile phone .
    • Touch the Menu icon > My Apps.
    • Apps with available updates are labeled "Update."
    • Select the individual app (in this case, YouTube) and touch Update.
      Tip: In some cases, you may need to restart your device to update an app.
  3. Use your phone's browser to go to www.Lowes.com/Holoroom to access your Customer Profile.
  4. Log in to your Customer Profile.
  5. Tap the video of the design project you want to view. We're creating a 360 experience, so it may take a day for the video to appear on your profile for viewing.
  6. The video will launch. Tap the cardboard icon in the bottom right corner of the video that looks like the picture below. You'll notice that the screen splits into two smaller screens.
  7. Insert your phone into Google Cardboard.
  8. Look around to view your design in 360 degrees!

Will I be able to view my Holoroom design with Google Cardboard on my phone?

Your Holoroom YouTube360 video will work with GoogleCardboard if you have an Android phone. Your phone must be running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or above. You must also have the latest version of YouTube on your device. iPhone support is coming soon.

How do I watch the video of my room using Google Cardboard from my iPhone?

iPhone support for Holoroom YouTube360 videos with Google Cardboard is coming soon!

Can I view my YouTube360 video without a Google Cardboard?

Yes! To watch your Holoroom YouTube360 video simply tap play on the video you wish to view in your Customer Profile. To view your video on your personal computer, you will need the latest version of Chrome, Opera, or Firefox. To view your video on a phone or tablet, download the YouTube app for Android or iOS.

Can I use Google Cardboard even if I wear glasses?

Yes. You may want to cut flaps into both sides of the viewer. There's a fold line pre-cut into both sides of the viewer to make this easier.

How do I clean my Google Cardboard lenses?

You can clean them with either rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Use a cotton ball or Q-tip to avoid coming in contact with the cardboard, the cardboard will absorb the liquid and puff out.